Bright History

'This Room is equipped with Edison Electric Light. Do not attempt to light with match. Simply turn key on wall by the door'...
In 19th century this was a common poster in hotels. Unused to electricity, people wondered about the safety of sleeping in an electrified room. Asking if the electricity could leak out like gas, would the room catch fire if one goes to sleep with the lights on..
In early 18th century, Europe streets were lit by gas streetlights. 'La Ville Lumiere', the city of Light. Paris was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting. Lamplighters used to tour the town at dusk to light up each lamps. Today a lamplighter is an extremely rare job, used as a tourist attraction and historic preservation.

Luxo Jr. is a cute story revolving around Carwardine's iconic anglepoise lamp. It was Pixar's first animated short film and highly regarded as a breakthrough in the animation medium, changing traditionalist's interpretation of
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